Capital Technology Corporation is a research, design and prototype company
with a unique combination of electronic and software expertise.

Sample Recent Projects:
      A sample electronic project involves the research, design and development of small semiconductor switches for control of microwave signals. These high speed switches are to handle peak powers of 100-500 watts at various frequencies from 90-150 GHz.

Silicon Wafer     Test Mount     Scope Data

      A sample software project provides a system to collect data from numerous computer terminals and remote sources and present that data in various formats for access and display by remote users.

Sample Output Data     Sample Input Form

Some Past Programs:
      Past programs include: 1) electronics and software for an automated inspection tool, with screen graphics and multitasking features, 2) design and assembly of an automated newsroom communication system, 3) research of integrated circuit testing limitations and 4) design of hardware and software for hand-held video game controllers with touchpad and variable control.

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